Agent Case Study


Angela Davey MARLA, Head of Lettings at Peter Alan

Head of Lettings at one of Wales’s largest estate and letting agents and also on the Board of Directors for ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents) - the governing body for the lettings industry in the UK - Angela Davey has been in the lettings business for more than 26 years.

When her South Wales-based agency, Peter Alan, was invited to take part in the consultation process around developing the Rent Smart Wales scheme, Angela knew immediately that she was about to be put at the forefront of one of the most important changes the rental business has seen to date – and she couldn’t wait to get started.

“At Peter Alan, we deal with landlords and tenants on a daily basis while managing over 3,000 properties across South Wales as well as working with 2,000 self-managing landlords. So when we first heard that the Welsh Government intended to introduce a new regulatory scheme to help govern the rental market in Wales, we knew we must lead from the front and do our part not only to help ensure the law would be as comprehensive and fair as possible, but also make sure we were leading by example through providing approved training to all our rental staff in good time before the deadline.”

“Having been involved in this consultation process from the very start, at Peter Alan we understood that news of the law would come as a shock to many landlords and letting agents, as it is probably the biggest shake-up our sector has ever seen since tenancy deposit legislation. But this in itself is why we’re backing Rent Smart Wales and what it is working to achieve.”

“Anybody can be a landlord. But there is much responsibility involved in renting out a property to a tenant, and it is absolutely right that governance should be in place to ensure landlords are aware of their role and obligations and how to fulfil them, giving tenants peace of mind in the process.”

“Becoming licensed will prove landlords’ capability and competence, and is in my view a much-needed and welcomed benchmark for the sector, providing a level-playing field for everyone involved in renting out property. You could see the licence as the rental sector’s equivalent of a Kite Mark of Safety – you wouldn’t buy something electrical without this mark, so why would you rent from someone who isn’t licensed?”

“At Peter Alan we have been doing our utmost to dispel some of the myths and remove the fear factor around the new law by training our staff and educating our clients. My message to anyone who rents out or manages rental property in Wales is that you have nothing to be afraid of in the new law. Rent Smart Wales Accreditation through licensing will do nothing but benefit you, giving you the credibility you need so your tenants can look to you as a trusted, fit and proper landlord.”

“Embrace this change, as it has been made for absolutely the right reasons – Rent Smart Wales is here to stay, and the rental sector will be all the better for it.”