Landlord Case Study


Anthony Burrell, Private Landlord      

51 year old Anthony Burrell owns private flats above his framing business in Aberystwyth, and has rented them out for years. After reading an article in the local paper and receiving a flyer through the post, Anthony decided to get ready for the new law in plenty of time so he wouldn’t get caught out by the 23 November deadline – and he’s found himself pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the process.

“After hearing about the new licensing requirements, I looked Rent Smart Wales up online and used the website initially to find out more information. The website was really useful, and it had a logical and clear flow of information so it was easy to spot which parts applied to me as a private landlord.

“It was important for me that I was able to attend a local training course, as any travel away would impact my framing business because I’m a sole trader and would have to close. Luckily, I was able to find a day course in Aberystwyth itself, so I was able to get it sorted nice and early and without too much hassle.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course I attended, and I definitely learnt a couple of things that I have to admit I didn’t know before. There were quite a few light bulb moments for me, and I would say the training has definitely improved the way in which I operate as a landlord in today’s fast-moving and demanding sector.

“In my opinion Rent Smart Wales and what it is setting out to achieve for the rental sector can only be a good thing, raising standards for everyone and safeguarding tenants across Wales.”