Landlord Case Study

Andrew Jordan, Private Landlord, Penarth

As a self-managing landlord, Andrew Jordan knew that he needed to undertake training with Rent Smart Wales.

At present, Andrew privately lets out 3 flats which are converted from a former shop in Cardiff. He is also currently developing a further 9 flats which will be ready later this year. However, despite being a very experienced landlord, Andrew was glad that he found time to attend one the Rent Smart Wales training day’s in Cardiff.

“I can certainly recommend the Rent Smart Wales training and I found the course to be extremely useful. Our trainer has worked in the industry as an agent so he was able draw upon his experience and offer expert advice to all our queries.”

In spite of his demanding schedule in running a business, developing flats and being a landlord to several tenants, investing time into attending the training session means Andrew will reap the rewards in the future.

“We all know that managing landlords need to undertake training and everyone leads busy lives these days, but the interaction and networking involved with actually going along to a training course meant that I found the experience an extremely valuable one.

“Overall, the course was well worth it and I can now take the information from the training session forward with the properties I currently let and for future developments.”