Please note: This register checks all addresses in Wales.  Therefore undertaking a search on a property address which gives a result of 'not registered' is no indication that the property is, or has ever been, rented, nor that it should be registered.

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  • Date of search

    27 Sep 2020
  • Search Undertaken

    Stuarts Residential Ltd
  • Licences connected to this Agent

    Licence Holder Status Type Expiry date
    Stuarts Residential Ltd. Licensed Agent 23/02/2022
If you believe this information is incorrect or you wish to report a landlord/agent who is not part of Rent Smart Wales, then please contact us. Licence issue dates are always five years minus one day before the expiry date - for example an expiry date of 01/10/2021 means that the licence was issued on 02/10/2016.
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