Landlords are reminded of the need to register with Rent Smart Wales
12 Jul 2016 Agents   General   Landlords  

Landlords are reminded of the need to register with Rent Smart Wales

The law in Wales now requires private landlords to register themselves and their properties with Rent Smart Wales. The Housing Act (Wales) 2014 requires landlords to register and self-managing landlords who let and manage properties and agents to also undertake training and apply for a licence. Rent Smart Wales aims to drive up standards in the private rented sector. A specialist team deals with queries and helps landlords and agents register and apply for a licence.

The next campaign phase will lead to the 23rd November deadline and will inform landlords of their legal requirement to comply and tenants of their right to have a properly registered and licensed landlord or agent.

Rent Smart Wales is a landmark scheme that will drive up standards in the private rented sector by requiring managing landlords and agents to undertake training to ensure they understand their responsibilities.

It will help prevent the involvement of rogue, and even criminal, landlords and agents in the management and letting of properties. The scheme will help to protect tenants and will support good landlords and agents by helping them keep abreast of their responsibilities and legal obligations, raising the reputation of the sector.

The deadline for registration is now less than five months away and those who have not yet complied with the law are encouraged to discharge their legal responsibilities to register as soon as possible because registration when completed online, is a simple 15 minute process, but a licensing application can take up to 8 weeks to process.

For information on Rent Smart Wales:

Helpline: 03000 133344