Welsh Water Regulation Change
15 Sep 2017 Landlords  

Welsh Water Regulation Change

Welsh Water urges landlords to act to avoid costs brought about by regulation change.

A change in regulations mean landlords whose properties are served by Welsh Water are required to let them know of changes in tenancy within 21 days. Landlords could be liable for water and sewerage charges if they fail to update their information within their Welsh Water account.

Welsh Water estimates that in 15% of non-payment cases customers are no longer living at the property but remain registered for charges.

Welsh Water wants landlords to register themselves and their properties with them, and should take advantage of the water industry’s online system, Landlord TAP (www.landlordtap.com), to let them know of changes in tenancy details. Alternatively they can be given through the Welsh Water website (www.dwrcymru.com).



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