Rent Smart Wales is in place to make sure all private rented property in Wales and their landlords are named on a central register.  In addition, self-managing landlords and agents who let and manage property must have a licence.  In order to get a licence people must be trained in their rights and responsibilities when renting out property to tenants. 

If you have concerns about the conduct or your landlord or agent who is licensed by Rent Smart Wales you can report this via our contact us page and we will investigate.

If you want to check that your landlord is registered and the person who lets and manages the property is licensed you can do this by checking our register and searching by property address, landlord's name, agent's name or the appropriate reference number. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Click to view the public register

If your home is owned and let out by a private landlord then it's privately rented. Your landlord could be an individual or a company. Sometimes, an agent will manage and let out a property on behalf of the landlord.

About 16% of the homes in Wales are rented privately from a landlord, either direct or through an agent.

Landlords and agents have obligations to tenants when they rent out property, but as a tenant you also have rights and responsibilities.  To help tenants understand how to successfully rent in the private sector the Welsh Government has created a Tenant Guide.

There are also other useful downloads, including a checklist to give advice and useful tips on what to look for and what questions to ask when looking for a new home, on our resources page.

Tenants in the private rented sector can obtain information and support from the following organisations:

General Tenancy Information and Advice:  You can get advice and support from Shelter Cymru, your local Citizens Advice office or your local Council Housing Options Service.

If you are at risk of being homeless or you have lost your home: You should contact your local authority, because in most cases they have a duty to provide you with advice. Their service should either help you to stay in your home or find a new one.

Sometimes, tenants are faced with illegal eviction. An illegal eviction typically occurs when the landlord does not follow the proper legal process to re-gain possession and asks you to leave without giving this notice and/or takes additional action like changing the locks. Sometimes this is exacerbated with threatening behaviours.

If your landlord wants to regain possession of the property, they must serve either a Section 8 or Section 21 notice and give you the mandatory notice period set by Welsh Government. For more details click here

If you are facing illegal eviction  or being harassed, help is available, through Shelter Cymru or your Local Authority. Please also report to Rent Smart Wales as proven poor practice can have an impact on the landlord or agent’s licence.

Property conditions:  In the first instance you should contact your landlord/agent, in writing, bringing to their attention the problem. If you feel they do not respond appropriately, you can speak with your local Council Environmental Health section.  They can inspect your property and demand the landlord/agent rectifies any issues that are significant enough to affect your health, safety or welfare.

Budgeting and affordability – Welsh Government sponsored Money Made Clear and the UK Money Advice Service have excellent information on finance issues.

Bonds and guarantors: If you do not have sufficient funds to raise a deposit or you do not have a person who could act as your guarantor you can ask your local Council Housing Options service, Shelter Cymru or your local Citizens Advice office for advice

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