Training is a key part of the licensing process for landlords and agents; 96% of our training attendees feel it will help them to become a better landlord after.

An individual must complete either landlord or agent training depending on what type of individual licence they are applying for.
If the applicant for a licence is a company or charity, the people it employs (under a contract of service) who do letting and management work as part of their employment, need to undertake training for the applicant to get their licence. The type of training they will need to do will depend on whether the applicant is applying for a landlord or agent licence.

The licensing training requirement can be met numerous different ways. People can choose to go on Rent Smart Wales run training, or they can complete approved training offered by authorised trainers. The best option to complete the licensing training is by attending a training course in person as people can interact and learn from other delegates and ask questions relevant to their own experiences. However, there are online training options also available.

"Excellent and informative, the trainer experience and anecdotes kept the day very alive and real".

"I understand a lot more. Good advice; I have realised the mistakes I've been making!"

Licensing training, as a minimum, covers the following content. It is a way to ensure that landlords and agents know how to manage a tenancy and to understand their rights and responsibilities during the life of a tenancy, while providing the most up to date information including:

  1. the statutory obligations of a landlord and tenant;
  2. the contractual relationship between a landlord and tenant;
  3. the role of an agent who carries out lettings work or property management work;
  4. best practice in letting and managing dwellings subject to, or marketed or offered for let under, a domestic tenancy;
  5. the role of a landlord who carries out lettings activities or property management activities.

Further details about the Minimum Training Content for Licensing Training and also current statistics about Rent Smart Wales run training can be found on our downloads page.

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